Syringe filters


LABSOLUTE® offers a comprehensive range of syringe filters that have been developed especially for the efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions for ventilation.

The choice of various housing diameters, membrane types and pore sizes offers the ideal solution for your application. All of the filters are subjected to strict quality checks to ensure a consistently high level of quality both of the membrane material and the filter unit as a whole.

The advantages for you:

  • Made without any adhesives: the housing and membrane are welded together
  • Sterile: 100% sterility thanks to gamma radiation
  • Equipped with Luer connections
  • Filters are printed both with the membrane type and pore size: this precludes any confusion of filters, even outside the original packaging


Syringe filters 13mm in our webshop

Syringe filters 25mm in our webshop