Th. Geyer supports Aid for Labs

Lab consumables for Nigeria

After the regional support of the "Tafel" in Baden-Württemberg/Germany, Th. Geyer now supports an important research project in Nigeria. Through the non-profit organisation Aid for Labs, five pallets of laboratory consumables were delivered to the Drosophila Research and Training Centre DRTC in Ibadan, one of the largest cities in Nigeria with 3.3 million inhabitants.

The non-profit organisation Aid for Labs based in Heidelberg is dedicated to transferring scientific equipment and know-how to local organisations in emerging countries that are urgently needed to solve local problems. Often, this vital research work is hampered by the lack of basic scientific equipment. That is why Aid for Labs advocates for a fair distribution of scientific knowledge and infrastructure between industrialised and emerging countries.

One of the research facilities supported is the DRTC in eastern Nigeria. It provides scientists with suitable laboratory space and resources for cutting-edge projects in the field of Drosophila melanogaster research. This also includes the care and storage of various fruit fly strains for both researchers and school biology classes. The DRTC thus fits perfectly with Aid for Labs' strategy of promoting open exchange on modern scientific methods.

The family-owned company Th. Geyer is very happy to support this goal of promoting research and education in emerging countries like Nigeria. With the donation, which includes pipettes as well as cryo tubes, the DRTC receives important support in equipping its laboratories. Find out more about the work of the DRTC here.