2018 / 2019

400 pages, 2,600 laboratory consumables and chemicals, 1 catalogue: as a full-service provider, we offer you with the brands LABSOLUTE® and CHEMSOLUTE® as attractive alternatives every time you purchase your laboratory requirements.

In the new catalogue 2018/2019 you will find the portfolio of both brands at one glance and sorted systematically by theme and application. Useful additional information and overviews, e.g. on accuracy classes or thread size, make this catalogue into a practical shopping guide.

The portfolios of LABSOLUTE® and CHEMSOLUTE® have continued to grow – you will find f. ex. 580 novelties among the 2,600 top products in the catalogue. All these products are of course manufactured under strict conditions and subjected to regular quality controls.

Order conveniently on our webshop. In addition your personal contacts in field sales and in the back office are delighted to help you with expert advice and individual services.

You can also have the catalogue sent to you by post.