Cell biology

Cell biology

Culture and analysis of cells

In the area of cell biology Th. Geyer provides you a wide range of products for the culture and analysis of cells. This includes sera, media, reagents, consumables and equipment for your cell biological applications.

Cells, sera and media

Both cells and high-quality animal and human sera, as well as non-animal  and standard cell culture media and specialty media you can get from Th. Geyer.


Th. Geyer offers a variety of high-quality supplements and amino acids, antibiotics and selection reagents, transfection reagents, and more.


All you need for cell culture: Flasks and plates, inserts, coated cell culture products, roller bottles, cell factories, Petri dishes, test tubes, etc.


We offer a wide range of equipment for your work in cell biology. This includes CO2 incubators, safety cabinets, microscopes, cyro container, etc.


Our extensive portfolio in the field of cell culture includes syringe filters, vacuum filtration, filter membranes, vacuum filtration devices, etc.

Immunology and signal transduction

For your research we offer you antibodies, conjugates, labeling reagents, ELISA kits, assays, activators, inhibitors, cytokines, growth factors, etc.