Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Life Science

You will find here a part of our portfolio of laboratory equipment and consumables, with an emphasis on products used regularly in the Life Science laboratory.

Liquid Handling

We offer a wide range of pipettes, micropipettes, dispensers and the associated accessories and consumables such as tips, racks,dispenser tips, etc.


The Th. Geyer range offers incubators, climatic chambers and heat-drying ovens in many sizes and variants.


Everything you need to weigh: weighing boats and papers, spatulas, spoons, analytical and precision balances, accessories and more.

Cold and Cryogenic Storage

For the refrigerated and frozen storage of samples Th. Geyer provides cryogenic tubes, boxes, racks, refrigerators, low and ultra low temperature freezers, nitrogen tanks and all accessories.


Th. Geyer offers a wide range of centrifuges from mini to ultra centrifuges, as well as, rotors, tubes, etc.

Small standard instruments

Shakers, stirrers, pH meter and electrodes, heating blocks, Bunsen burners and much more. Also from many other manufacturers.