Study of microscopic organisms

Th. Geyer offers a wide range of products for cultivation of microorganisms, sample collection, identification and hygiene monitoring.

Culture Media

Our extensive range of culture media includes dehydrated culture media, prepared media plates, additives, supplements and base materials

Media Preparation

For the preparation of culture medium Th. Geyer offers a wide range of consumables and instruments. Please also refer to our portfolio of general laboratory materials.

Sample collection

All you need for the collection of sample material: Filters, accessories, centrifuges, tubes, lab blenders, bags, etc.


Th. Geyer offers you aerobic and anaerobic incubation systems, ovens, incubators, etc.

Hygiene Monitoring

Th. Geyers comprehensive portfolio includes air monitoring, dip slides and contact plates, cleaning and disinfection control products.

Laminar flows

Laminar flow cabinets and hoods