Structures and function of proteins

Th. Geyers comprehensive portfolio covers almost all applications or techniques and offers you reagents, kits, consumables and instruments.

Gel electrophoresis

Th. Geyer offers you reagents, pre-cast gels, buffers, marker, consumables as well as  a broad range of vertical gel systems and gel documentation systems.

Western Blotting

We are able to supply you with a complete range of products for Western Blotting: Reagents, Buffers, transfer membranes, antibodies, detection reagents, blotting systems, imager, etc.


Th. Geyer offers primary and secondary antibodies, conjugates, labelling and ELISA kits, immunoplates and strips, microplate washer and reader, spectrophotometers.

Expression and Extraction

Our product range includes reagents and expression vectors.


Th. Geyers broad range of products for protein purification includes reagents, resins, columns, centrifugal devices, dialysis membranes, etc.


For the detection of proteins we can offer you a range of gel documentation systems and microplate readers