• Practical packaging sizes
    For your high laboratory requirements in microbiology

    Made from particularly high-quality raw materials and with reliable batch quality: LB Medium and LB Agar according to Miller are now also in large containers and available in 2 kg package from stock.

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  • RNase-ExitusPlus™ and DNA-ExitusPlus™
    Panreac AppliChem

    Reliably remove RNase or DNA and RNA contamination from surfaces.
    For cleaning of laboratory surfaces, PCR work stations and equipment, electrophoresis equipment, pipettes, reaction tubes etc.

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Our work focuses on your individual needs for all your Life Science needs.

A specially trained team of biologists and biochemists in the field and in product management is there for you with expert advice and special commitment for you and your requirements.

Through our collaboration with many well-known manufacturers in the sectors of cell biology, genomics, proteomics, microbiology, microscopy/histology, Life Science laboratory supplies and biochemicals, you benefit from an extensive selection of products and brands at attractive prices.

Click the button for the required area and the application you need to access the individual manufacturers. Of course, you can also find all items in our Webshop so you can easily order all products for your Life Science requirements.

Do you prefer a personal consultation? Get in touch with our experts in Customer Service in the contact section. Your assigned contact partner will deal with your enquiry and make sure it is processed rapidly. That’s all because we are committed to your satisfaction as a Life Science customer of Th. Geyer.

Sera, media, reagents, consumables and devices for your cell biological applications.

Cell biology

Cell culture and analysis

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Products for the purification, characterization and modification of nucleic acids.


analysis of genes and their functions

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Products for the study of structures and functions of proteins.


Structure and function of proteins

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In the field of microbiology, Th. Geyer offers you a variety of products for the cultivation and analysis of microorganisms.


Everything on researching microorganisms

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In addition to microscopes, slides and other consumables, we can also offer you an extensive portfolio of colorants, alcohols and reagents.

Microscopy and histology

analysing biological samples

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Devices and consumables, with a focus on products used regularly in the life science laboratory.

Laboratory supplies

Focus on life science

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We offer you a variety of biochemicals from well-known manufacturers for industry and research.


for all application fields

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Product and brand selection from well-known manufacturers in the field of life science can be found at Th. Geyer

Life science expertise

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