• Labortops 2/2019

    valid until 30.06.2019

    Great conditions for selected products until 30.06.2019

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  • Solvent Pumps

    For 1 – 60 litre containers

    Solvent pumps for filling off high purity liquids such as solvents and flammable liquids. The pump can be completely closed so that no dangerous vapours can escape after dispensing.

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  • Chromatography

    consumables & solvents

    In chromatography you expect the highest quality from consumables and solvents in order to achieve reliable results. You are always on the safe side with the two brands LABSOLUTE® and CHEMSOLUTE®.

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  • Protein workflow

    GE Healthcare

    Isolation and amplification, sample prep, purification and analysis.

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  • Th. Geyer Pump Finder

    For CHEMSOLUTE® Chemicals

    With the Th. Geyer Pump Finder you will now find the matching Bürkle pumps and corresponding accessories for every CHEMSOLUTE® chemical with a container size of 5 l and more.

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  • Biochemicals from Applichem

    Wide range of highest quality

    For Biochemistry, Cell biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell culture and Molecular biology

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  • Microbiology portfolio

    Dehydrated culture media & supplements

    Many dehydrated culture media and supplements for the identification of bacteria in the fields of water analysis, food analysis, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are available in this brochure.

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Great conditions for selected products until...

In chromatography you expect the highest quality...

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