• GE Healthcare

    Amersham™ Western Blotting

    Reliable solutions for protein analysis
    • Quantitative data
    • Reproducible results
    • High sensitivity

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  • Labortops 3/2017

    VALID UNTIL 30.09.2017

    Great conditions for selected products until 30.09.2017

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  • J&K Scientific

    Special Chemicals

    With more than 35,000 products from J&K Scientific, Th. Geyer is expanding its range of chemicals. You receive products from this highly specialist manufacturer for organic and analytical chemistry as well as for life science. Customer-specific commissioned synthesis orders are possible in tiny quantities.


    Vials & Caps Finder

    Select a product feature from the filter options to get matching products from our product range.

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  • Chromatography catalogue

    consumables & solvents

    In chromatography you demand high quality standards of vials & caps, accessories and solvents to achieve reliable results. For this purpose our both brands LABSOLUTE® and CHEMSOLUTE® offer cost effectiveness that is convincing.

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    Are cost-effective and top-quality products for laboratory important to you? With our two brands LABSOLUTE® and CHEMSOLUTE® you get just the right thing.

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Manufacturer-independent choices – for every...

Great conditions for selected products until...

In chromatography you demand high quality...

Full-service laboratory supplies

As a full-service laboratory supplier, Th. Geyer takes care of every aspect of your laboratory requirements procurement process - while you focus on making your ideas reality.