10 years

with Th. Geyer in Denmark

The 1 of May 2008 was the day where Th. Geyer Denmark seriously established itself at Læderstræde in Roskilde and with this Anne-Birgitte Ritz also took the scene as Key Account Manager in the company.

The company and not at least Anne-Birgitte started from absolutely zero, we were not known under this company name, and no customers at that time knew what we could offer.

Anne-Birgitte has been working hard to create a strong name and market for Th. Geyer in Denmark and it has gone above and beyond any expectation. So the 1 of May we celebrate that Anne-Birgitte (now as Sales Manager for Denmark) has her 10-year anniversary, congratulations on her many efforts, and thanks in particular for her tireless efforts for the company in Denmark. We are looking forward to cooperation in the future.