Absorbent for oil and chemicals

CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb is an innovative polymer/mineral based chemical binding agent, which can be used for all liquids apart from mercury.

The absorbed chemicals and oils are bound very quickly and effectively, which protects the employees and the environment and reduces the fire hazard, even for liquids with a high vapour pressure.

Due to its fine-granular structure CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb doesn’t raise dust and can therefore be used indoors without any problems. As a registered oil binder according to guideline Type III R (MPA NRW 22 000 8388 10), it is also ideally suited for traffic areas.

  • Very high binding capacity
  • Simple to dose
  • Dust-free
  • Skin-compatible
  • Dam formation possible
  • Colour change indicates acids and alkalis
  • Saturation indicated by colour intensity