From A for acetone to Z for zinc sulfate

CHEMSOLUTE® offers you a wide variety of first-class products, providing the perfect solution for your laboratory.

From A for acetone to Z for zinc sulphate:

CHEMSOLUTE® offers you a wide range of first-class products, providing the ideal solution for your laboratory.

All CHEMSOLUTE® products are suitable for laboratory use, a wide range meets the requirements accordning to Ph. Eur., ACS or ISO standards.

Of course, all CHEMSOLUTE® products are supplied with detailed specifications as well as maximum reliability in terms of labelling, packaging and transport - and all hand-in-hand with Th. Geyer’s excellent service.

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We carry biochemicals produced especially for the Life Science sector under the name CHEMSOLUTE® bio.

Ultra-pure starting materials and precise specifications guarantee you high and consistent quality. Alongside biochemicals, CHEMSOLUTE® bio also offers biological ready-made buffers.

These are precisely pre-weighed and enable you to prepare buffer solutions quickly and most importantly reproducibly.


CHEMSOLUTE® sorb, an innovative fine granulate based on polymer minerals has been developed for the problem-free absorption of absolutely any liquid and chemical. This absorption agent does not create dust, does not trigger harmful reactions and can absorb up to 75 times its own weight - ensuring you're always on the safe side.

With its integrated indicator and warning function, you will immediately see from the increase in colour intensity, for example, when the binding agent is saturated. CHEMSOLUTE® sorb also warns you with striking colour changes against acids and alkalis - if you are ever unsure as to which fluids have leaks.

CHEMSOLUTE® sorb is state-tested in accordance with oil container directive type III R and is therefore also suitable for traffic surfaces, MPA NRW 22 000 8388 10.

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Your pocket-sized testing laboratory: CHEMSOLUTE® test offers you selected indicators and tests for rapid and informative analyses. In just a few seconds, you can create the ideal basis for your decisions - right there, without any prep work or accessories. 

Custom-made solutions

Under the CHEMSOLUTE® titrix name is where you will find a range of handy ampoules for the reliable and reproducible production of precisely concentrated custom-made solutions.


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