The perfect solution for your laboratory

LABSOLUTE® is the ideal solution for you if you insist on high-quality products for your laboratory consumables and equipment, and if you want to benefit from an ideal cost/benefits ratio at the same time.

The LABSOLUTE® programme ranges from vessels such as measuring beakers and flasks made from shatter-proof plastic and high-quality laboratory glassware to calibrated volumetric measuring equipment and a comprehensive collection of flasks, micro-inserts, stoppers, septa and capping tools for chromatography. Alongside a broad range of evaporating dishes, porcelain crucibles, Büchner funnels and mortars, slides, cover slips and stopwatches are also available.

Another key area is liquid handling. A high-quality hand dispenser system, extremely ergonomic micro litre pipettes, pipetting aids and dispensers, a comprehensive range of different pipette tips, cryo tubes with matching racks, workstations and coolers and freezers round off the portfolio. In terms of safety in the workplace and cleaning, LABSOLUTE® offers you comfortable safety goggles, an innovative skincare programme, pictograms for labelling hazards and laboratory and cleaning cloths.

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