Customised solutions

Emphasis on service is important to us. 

As a result, we are also happy to take on customised or one-off services for you. Just ask us - we'll be happy to talk to you about your requirements or customised solutions for your ideas.

Here is just a small selection of our services:

Fast and cost centre-based delivery

The central warehouse of the Lab Logistics Group (link to LLG section) ensures that you receive rapid deliveries of a huge range of consumables.

Powerful purchasing company for great prices

Th. Geyer is the partner with the highest turnover and biggest shareholder in the Lab Logistics Group (LLG), a constantly growing purchasing community currently comprising 32 European retail businesses. 

As a result, customers of Th. Geyer benefit from a wide selection of products, excellent prices and rapid deliveries. 

Warehousing - no bottlenecks and no hazardous goods!

Vast chemicals warehouse

In Renningen, we operate one of the largest laboratory chemicals warehouses in Europe.

Consumables warehouses in Meckenheim and Höxter

In the consumables sector, we are the partner with the highest turnover and biggest shareholder in the Lab Logistics Group (LLG), giving us access to the joint sales and logistics centre in Meckenheim. 

Personal, defined service team

The Th. Geyer sales organisation supports you and your team

Reduce suppliers and still benefit from a huge choice

How? Easy - Th. Geyer takes care of the management of your suppliers.

Th. Geyer also supplies service solutions for your ideas!

As an experienced full-service laboratory supplier and chemicals retailer of many years' standing, we offer services that are perfectly coordinated with the ideal supply of your laboratories - services that you can profit from. You can also profit from our pledge to willingly take on additional services for you, if we are able to. So talk to us at any time about your ideas.