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  • Labortops 4/2020
    valid until 31.12.2020

    Great conditions for selected products until 31.12.2020

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  • Disposable Medical Face Mask
    testified by German TÜV

    Non- sterile disposable Medical Face Mask Class 1. Filter performance BFE ≥ 95%.

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  • Face visor instead of protection mask
    breath freely again

    The face visor assures easy handling and high wearing comfort thanks to the low weight and the large highly transparent foil. It is easy to clean with commercially available disinfectants and it is recyclable.

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  • Extended Eppendorf portfolio
    now available at Th. Geyer

    An extended Eppendorf portfolio is now available from Th. Geyer. This includes Innova® biological shakers, ultra-low freezers, CO₂-incubators or PCR cyclers.

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  • Laboratory furniture and equipment
    Planning, assembly, operation

    Th. Geyer supports you comprehensively in the planning, installation and operation of your laboratory.

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    Absorbent for oil and chemicals

    CHEMSOLUTE® Sorb is an innovative polymer/mineral based chemical binding agent, which can be used for all liquids apart from mercury.

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Everything from one source

Your partner for full-service laboratory supplies

Founded in 1892, the family-owned company of Th. Geyer can look back at over 125 years of experience in the business. Based on traditional values, we shape our future through our reliability and punctuality in supplying our customers with products to perform their challenging assignments –

from laboratory apparatus and consumables, laboratory chemicals, Life Science products and laboratory furniture through to the complete set-up and technical equipment for a laboratory. On request, we will be delighted to assist you in planning your new laboratory.

Our current product range contains over 200 top manufacturers and brands. Our certified processes and comprehensive services are guarantors of full-service supplies for your laboratory.

As a Th. Geyer customer, you have a specialist laboratory supplier at your side who offers you everything from one source.

This allows you to concentrate on your challenging assignments at all times and also reduces your costs.

Take a look at our Laboratory Supplies Shop. It provides you with up-to-the-minute access to our enormous product range. Find the product you need at any time in our fast, easy-to-use Webshop, whether you want to order laboratory accessories, furniture or chemicals. In addition, our laboratory experts are on call for you at all times – personal, competent and always close by.

Our Th. Geyer e-News keeps you updated with our latest sales offers. It also announces the dates of trade fairs and exhibitions to which we will send you invitations – for example our in-house specialist laboratory exhibitions called LABSOLUTIONS.


The brand for laboratory consumables & equipment

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Full-service laboratory supplies

Full-service supply by Th. Geyer

Laboratory apparatus, consumables, laboratory chemicals, Life Science, laboratory furniture and equipment.

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The brand for laboratory chemicals from a to z

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Life Science expertise

At Th. Geyer

Wide selection of products and brands from well-known manufacturers with customer support from biologists and biochemists.

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Labortops 4/2020

valid until 31.12.2020

Great conditions for selected products until 31.12.2020

Eppendorf Mastercycler® –

Eine Innovation in der PCR

Eppendorf PCR-Aktionen – Sparen Sie 25 %