Secure data handling at Th. Geyer

Can anyone register?


Your responsible Th. Geyer contact person will activate you for the FTAPI portal if required. You will then receive a registration e-mail so that you can set up your personal account.

I have forgotten my password.

You can reset your password by clicking on "Forgot password" on the portal page.

I do not have a SecuPass key!

The SecuPass key is used to decrypt encrypted attachments or encrypted e-mails.

The first time you receive an encrypted e-mail from us, you will be asked to create your personal SecuPass key.

Are there password policies?

Yes, the password and Secupass key must be 8 characters, case sensitive, one digit and one special character.

Which browser can I use?

Basically you can use any browser to access our FTAPI portal.

How can I send an encrypted e-mail or an encrypted attachment to a Th. Geyer employee?

The following options are available to you here:

  1. Submitbox: Your contact person will inform you that he/she has called up his/her Submitbox, which you can then use to create a ticket.
  2. FTAPI portal: You log in to the portal with your access data and click on "New delivery".

How does it work with the Submitbox?

As soon as you click the link to the submitbox of a Th. Geyer employee, you will be directed to the portal. Now enter your e-mail address and the system will send you a link by e-mail, which you can use to send the encrypted data to your contact person.

Is it not possible to receive the data uncoded and without encryption?

Due to data protection regulations, it is necessary that secret business data or personal data is transmitted in encrypted form. With FTAPI we ensure that the data cannot be seen by third parties.

Why a password and SecuPass key?

This separation is necessary because the SecuPass key is an integral part of the data encryption, whereas the password belongs to your account on the portal.

I have received an encrypted e-mail. What do I do with it now? Can I forward it?

No, because the trustworthy text is then sent unencrypted. We recommend to save corresponding messages via PDF printer.

Is there a storage limit for attachments?

We have limited the upload size of attachments to 200MB.

Will my received data remain in the portal?


The messages and attachments have a standard validity of 90 days.

I have received a security level 1 email with an attachment. Can I forward it so another recipient can download the attachment?

Yes, data sent with level 1 is not personal. However, the additional recipient must also register in our FTAP portal.

What are the security levels?

The four security levels serve the security of your data.

See the following table for the differences in the security levels of FTAPI:

my data should not be stored in a "cloud"!

The FTAPI solution we use is a so-called "on-premise" solution, which is installed in our computer center in Renningen. Your data is safe with us, nobody except Th. Geyer GmbH & Co. KG has access to it.

Is the portal also available in other languages?

Yes, the language can be adjusted via clicking the grey bar to seltect the desired language in the drop-down menu.

Which login data do I have to use?

The user name is your e-mail address. When you log in for the first time, you define your own password, which you use each time you log in.

I forgot the SecuPass key.

The key can be reset, but then you will no longer have access to encrypted attachments and e-mails of security levels 3 and 4 that you have received up to that point.

In this case, please contact your Th. Geyer contact person.

Can I change the SecuPass key?

Yes, the SecuPass key can be changed, but all encrypted data will be irreversibly lost.