Study of genes and their functions

The area of genomics includes methods and techniques for purification, characterization and modification of nucleic acids. We at Th. Geyer offer you a wide range of products for those applications.

Nucleic Acid Purification

All you need for purification of DNA, RNA or plasmids from your samples, including reagents, kits, instruments, filter tips, spectrophotometers and solutions for decontamination.


Th. Geyers range includes reagents and enzymes  for all kinds of PCR, cDNA synthesis, oligos, primer, consumables, PCR cyclers and workstations, etc.

DNA Electrophoresis

We offer agarose, pre-cast gels, buffers, marker, stains, etc. as well as electrophoresis tanks, power supplies and imager or transilluminators.


Th. Geyers portfolio includes transfection reagents, electroporation buffers, electroporators, etc.


In the area of cloning Th. Geyer can provide you with Expression Vectors, cDNA clones, competent cells, etc.


For your research we offer you modifying and other enzymes.